Mario Pouf

Indoor-outdoor sitting pouf made from sturdy and sustainable expanded cork

Sustainablycomfy and stylish

comfy and stylish

Introducing the Mario Pouf – a concept that harmonizes eco-conscious living with comfort, style and effortless simplicity. Inspired by the logic and lines found in Mario Planters, the Mario Pouf boasts a large rounded edge on its top to create comfort and an inviting aesthetic. Combine with the Mario Planter and other Greenmood designs to create an adaptable and beautiful seating space in the office or at home. 

The Mario Pouf is a versatile addition to any room. It can become a footrest, additional seating, or a functional side table. The natural cork texture and earthy tones of our furniture add a touch of sophistication while bringing the natural world to your décor, seamlessly blending with any style, colors or room features. 

A planet-positive choice

Crafted from 100% natural cork, the Mario Pouf is a testament to sustainable living. Cork for our furniture is harvested from the bark of oak trees – a process that doesn't harm the tree, allowing it to regrow and absorb even more CO2, helping to prevent climate change. 

The cork extraction process is sustainable, with minimal impact on the environment. Cork and expanded cork are fully biodegradable and can be recycled into various products, extending their life cycle and reducing waste. By choosing the Mario Pouf, you're making an eco-friendly seating choice that contributes to a greener planet. The cork industry also supports local rural communities and economies in regions where cork oak trees are grown. 

A planet-positive choice



Expanded Cork

What is Expanded Cork?

The Mario Poufs are made fully out of expanded cork blocks, also sometimes called smoked cork. Expanded cork is itself, in a way, a byproduct of the traditional cork industry. Expanded cork is made from the bark of the cork tree that is of too poor quality to be used for producing wine corks. It is manufactured from the cork bark of the upper branches of the cork oak tree. This bark is normally left, due to it being too thin or too inconsistent to use in traditional cork products. It is then turned into cork granules that are steam-heated, which causes the them to expand and activate the suberin, the resin in the cork, that will naturally bind them together into large blocks. Hence, no binding material needs to be added to produce expanded cork. Thanks to its open cells, expanded cork holds excellent acoustic properties.


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