The sound of silence is green

The sound of
silence is green

This beautifully designed acoustic wall shelf created by Belgium designers Cas Moor and Lieven Musschroot for Greenmood cuts down on noise while providing a restful visual note for the home or office. 

Scientific tests conducted by various organizations attest to reindeer moss’s ability to absorb loud sounds and echoes. 

Hand-gathered in the forests of Scandinavia by local producers, these naturally white plants are dyed and treated to preserve their color, texture, and form for up to 10 years. Moony is backed by felt, which like aluminum, enhances the acoustic properties of the shelf design.

Acoustic shelf that’s simple and strong

Moony provides a convenient storage space while adding an attractive element to the décor that soothes the eye and refreshes the spirit. Because it’s made with natural elements, it brings a sense of nature indoors – whatever the season or weather.

Meticulously engineered, the small shelf is quite sturdy and the simplicity of the design ensures it fits almost any decorating style and work space. 

Acoustic shelf that’s simple and strong


Customization options

Powder Coating Colors

Matte Black -
Matte Black


Reindeer Moss -
Reindeer Moss


Reindeer Moss Colors


Enjoy a circle of peace wherever you are

Enjoy a circle of peace wherever you are

Reducing discordant and distracting noise from a work environment is known to have many benefits.  It helps employees concentrate better when working alone or in teams.

Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials that are naturally flame retardant, Moony is safe to use whatever the individual sensitivities of employees and visitors.  All of this adds a sense of serenity and beauty to every environment.

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